Building Electrical Construction

Bowe & Gant has the manpower and experience to perform all types of new construction and renovation projects.  We have a track record of completing projects on time and under budget.  We serve a variety of clients across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

We offer Electrical Construction to the following Industries:

  • Agricultural & Packing 
  • Cold Storage 
  • Casino & Hospitality 
  • Cogeneration & Power Generation 
  • Commercial, Office, & Retail 
  • Data Centers 
  • Educational Institutes & Universities 
  • Food Process
  • Hospital, Healthcare, & Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial, Refinery, & Chemical 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Municipal & Public 
  • Nuclear Power 
  • Petroleum & Pipe Line
  • Private Utility 
  • Recycling & Waste
  • Transportation, Ports, & Aviation  
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centers 
  • Waste Water & Sewage 

Project 1

Development of a 10 acre site with six retail buildings for a combined 85,000 sq ft. Bowe & Gant handled all aspects of the electrical construction including the PECO primary distribution to provide utility service throughout the site.

Project 2

Bowe & Gant was contracted for a fast track 108,000 sq ft training facility in Camden, NJ. The unique facility houses a pedestrian bridge, office space, meeting rooms, a full service automobile shop with (43) vehicle maintenance bays, supported by parts storage and warehouse space.  Bowe & Gant performed all aspects of the electrical construction from relocating a PSEG primary duct bank to high end interior finishes.

Project 3

Bowe & Gant performed the electrical fit out for all three tenants of the 18-story, 375,000-square-foot office tower which is home to the three companies’ new headquarters. This project is the tallest building on Camden’s waterfront.