Emergency Generator, UPS Systems

Bowe & Gant provides full investigative services for the proper sizing of standby & emergency generator and UPS Systems installation. We serve commercial and industrial entities throughout South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area. Our experience and factory relationships allow us to provide solutions across a broad range of electrical systems within specified price points. 

Emergency generator and UPS systems are designed to provide backup power and keep your equipment running without interruption in the event of a power outage. Backup generators are generally powered by gas or propane, and automatically activates when the power goes out. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems are often battery powered and help to protect sensitive electronic equipment, including servers and data centers.

We offer a variety of emergency power supply systems to help protect your property from power outages and production interruptions and data loss. Reach out to us today and let us know your need for emergency power supply systems installation, upgrades, or repairs. Our professional technicians are dedicated to getting the job done properly, safely, and up to code.

Emergency Generator and UPS Systems Services offered but not limited to:

  • Design Build Generator & UPS Services
  • Electrical Generator Maintenance
  • UPS Battery Testing & Maintenance 
  • Generator Retrofits & New Installations 
  • Transfer Switch Replacement 
  • Manual Transfer Switch Solutions 
  • Docking Station & Portable Generator Wiring 
  • Paralleling Generator & Switch Gear Solutions 
  • UPS Retrofits & New Installation 
  • Capacitor Bank, NGR, & Filter Installation

Project 1

Emergency Generator and UPS Systems Services NJ PA

Foundation and slab prep for a 750KW generator and stationary load bank.

Project 2

B&G assisted the engineering team with the design of a second utility service, a complex outdoor switchgear, and stationary generator with multiple ATS switches to provide emergency power through the complex. In addition to the stationary generator, the custom switchgear has the ability to manually connect a 1MW mobile generator, allowing the facility to accomplish all their back up power needs and wants while staying within budget.

Project 3

Emergency Generator and UPS Systems Services

Furnish and install a 750KW stationary generator integrated with multiple automatic transfer switches to provide emergency power to critical process pumps and instruments throughout a waste water facility.