Pole Line Construction & Maintenance

Bowe & Gant performs pole line construction installs, repairs, and maintains utility grade aerial medium/high voltage electrical systems and communication cabling.  We proudly serve the private sector in constructing, inspecting, and maintaining new and existing utility distribution systems.  With a fully stocked inventory of poles, cross arms, and electrical parts and equipment we are ready to respond at a moment’s notice to resolve any electrical problem 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Pole Line Services offered but not limited to:

  • 24/7 Emergency Pole Service Restoration. 
  • Aerial Communication Wiring 
  • Fuse link replacement 
  • Pole Top Transformer Banks 
  • Wooden Pole Inspection
  • Pole Replacement
  • Line Construction, Alterations, upgrades, & Inspections 
  • Re-Conducting
  • Energized Line Maintenance & Repair 
  • Solar Interconnection Pole Lines. 
  • Temporary Poles and electric services for facilities and construction sites. 

Project 1

pole line

Replace damaged riser pole, 15kv wiring, and fit out pole during an outage at a cold storage and packing facility.

Project 2

Emergency response with fully stocked 4wd bucket truck to replace fuse assembly and fuse holder.

Project 3

Aerial Terminations on 5KV dual circuit Riser Pole

MV terminations on 4.16KV dual circuit riser Pole.

Project 4

Turn Key Pole Line from 69KV Substation to Solar Generation Site

Turn key pole line from 69KV substation to solar generation site.

Project 5

Install 45’ class 2 wooden pole during a recent 4160 volt dual circuit pole line installation.

Project 6

Emergency response that quickly lead to replacing a single transformer to restore power at a waste management facility.

Project 7

Temporary pole line for a construction site at a port.