Commercial Solar & Renewable Energy

Bowe & Gant is involved in all facets of commercial solar and renewable energy projects in South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia. We provide both installation services for developers and EPC contractors as well as turnkey solutions for owners and management firms.

Using solar power and renewable energy sources offers multiple benefits. Commercial entities will see cost savings on energy, and solar power helps to reduce carbon emissions and increase our energy independence. Installation typically involves adding solar panels on a roof or on the grounds of a building, which captures energy from the sun and converts it into usable energy. With battery storage systems, energy can be stored and used when needed.

Solar and renewable energy sources require a specialized knowledge for their design, installation and modernization. The new installation should be designed to specific code requirements and the needs of a building and its occupants.

If you are looking to make the transition to commercial solar and renewable energy for your business, reach out to the professionals at Bowe & Gant today. We have experience with all types of solar installations ranging from small roof top systems, large roof to systems, carports, and utility scale ground mount arrays.

Partial list of Commercial Solar and Renewable Energy services we provide:

  • Ground Mount Systems 
  • Carport & Canopy Systems 
  • Interconnection
  • Maintenance, Testing, & Repair 
  • Roof Mounted Systems 
  • Commissioning 

Project 1

commercial solar projects in South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia

15.3 megawatt ground mount solar project.

Project 2

6 Megawatt Carport Solar Project

6 megawatt carport solar project.

Project 3

Solar roof top

Solar roof top.

Project 4

705 KW Carport Solar System

705 KW carport solar system.

Project 5

Roof top solar installation on a manufacturing facility on multiple roof lines and tight deadline.

Project 6

Recent install and commissioning project on a busy city roof top.