Electrical Substation Construction & Maintenance

Bowe & Gant performs all facets of electrical substation construction and maintenance in South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia. Our highly trained team is involved in substation construction, upgrades, alterations, expansions, maintenance, and testing. 

Our client’s business operations require limited downtime and a focus on quality and safety, therefore we understand the nature of reduced outage duration and the planning required to meet these needs.

If you have a need for electrical substation construction and maintenance, reach out to the team at Bowe & Gant today. We have a track record of successful projects that are completed on time, under budget, and with a high level commitment to safety and workmanship. 

We have the expertise to install, maintain, and test all substation equipment including power transformers, circuit breakers, protective relay systems, air and gas insulated apparatus, and switchgear.

Electrical Substation Construction and Maintenance Services offered (but not limited to):

  • DC Wiring & Battery Bank Installation, Testing & Maintenance
  • Buswork Installations, Alterations, Upgrades & Demolition
  • Construction, Rebuilds & Upgrades 
  • Control Panel Fabrication, Installation & Wiring
  • Documentation & Drawing Review & Verification
  • Emergency Response 24/7/365
  • Programmable Logic Controller Installation & Troubleshooting 
  • Relay & Control Wiring & Verification 
  • Hauling & Rigging of Equipment
  • System Apparatus Installation, Maintenance & Testing
  • Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Indoor & Outdoor Switchgear Maintenance, Retrofit & Testing
  • Transformer Installation, Retro-Fit, Build/Disassemble, & Dielectric Filling/Extraction Services

Project 1

Preventative Maintenance during a scheduled outage to service and make repairs to a 138KV substation.

Project 2

electrical substation

Installation of new insulators and tubular buss during a preventative maintenance outage on 138KV substation & outdoor distribution gear.

Project 3

Installation of new 5kv outdoor switchgear and perform wiring and buss alternations to an existing substation to interconnect a new ground mount solar field via an existing 69kv to 4.16kv oil filled transformer.