Transformer Testing, Repair, & Oil Services

We specialize in transformer testing, maintaining, and repairing all types and sizes of transformers. With our highly trained staff coupled with our test equipment, stocked oil trailers, and mechanical equipment, Bowe & Gant is prepared to handle all transformer maintenance and repairs. Our inventory of dielectric fluid, materials, equipment, and replacement transformers allows us to respond immediately and perform the testing and repair in just one visit.  These resources are critical to reducing our clients’ down time and costs. 

Transformer Testing Service offered but not limited to:

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  • Bushing Replacement 
  • Load Tap Changer Service & Repair 
  • Dielectric Fluid Sampling & Analysis 
  • Valve Replacement
  • Carbon/Moisture Extraction 
  • PCB, DGA, and Furanic Analysis 
  • Radiator Repairs
  • Oil Reclamation 
  • Turns Ratio Testing 
  • Power Factor Testing 
  • Winding Resistance Testing 

Project 1

Transformer Testing, Transformer Repair, & Transformer Oil Services

Powerfactor, winding resistance, turns ratio and oil sampling on a 24.5MVA substation transformer performed during a 69KV bushing replacement.

Project 2

Provided the installation and design services to retrofit (3) 2400 Amp 5KV bushings and transition from existing buss-duct system to oil filled substation apparatus. B&G fabricated new 4” copper buss in existing duct system along with flexible copper transitions to existing equipment.

Project 3

Replace bushing and test transformer during a scheduled outage.